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Technological Innovation Revolutionises Airsports


The world of air sports is enjoying something of a renaissance this year, thanks to an exciting new collaborative partnership with Max Polyakov that has made it easier than ever for judges to mark the outcomes of the competitions with greater accuracy. Previously, it was a difficult proposition to accurate assess the performances of competitors at these kinds of events. Compared to a sport like a car racing, air sports are much harder to evaluate, due to the extra spatial dimension at work. That all looks set to change in the future, however.

A Competition in Ascent

The World Air Sports Federation undertook the partnership, which has already yielded great results. From the 20th to 30th July, the Wroclaw Games took advantage of the new scoring technology. This system has been dubbed the ‘Cup Navigator’ and has made the judges lives much easier. It was trialled across three events but proved so effective that it is due to be used in a much larger portion of the competition in the future. Apart from that, Max Polyakov and EOS have introduced a new instrument for searching, saving, analyzing and processing satellite images and geodata.

Flights of Fancy

There’s a big selection of air sports divisions that could take advantage of these fantastic technological innovations, from ballooning to paragliding. With more transparency in the scoring method, it’s easier for both judges and spectators to follow the action, making the event a much more compelling and exciting sporting competition, that could enjoy much higher viewerships under the new system. Last year’s event was already a considerable improvement over recent years and should bear out some great growth in viewership for new and casual fans to get into this exciting field.

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